Shawna testimony, from USA

Sweet Holly,

I recently moved the two beautiful books that house two of my three children’s senior pictures to a place on the mantle so I can see them every evening.  I can gaze upon their photo covers and openly reminisce -missing them yet exhilarating in their success and exploration.

I gaze on Anna’s photo cover. It’s breathtaking, really. Everyone always comments. You’ve embodied her essence. Piercing, steely, confident and naturally beautiful.

Next I see Joseph. Cool, confident but in an unassuming way, perfect yet present. You have captured his beauty as well, looking into his soul showing resilience and cool resolve.

Next I think of Michael, and what great cover you will unveil of him. He’s yet 16 and a junior so we have just over a year to unfold this mystery. I look upon this with great anticipation… because I know they will be as stunning and marvelous as the two I already possess.

You are the best. And that’s why I’ll wait for you my friend!


Audra testimony, from USA

I always tell Holly Kuper this since I’ve had the opportunity to watch her work. That her clients ought to completely hand themselves over to her, because she will handle every single detail behind each picture taken.

She will tell you how to stand, how to place your hands, where to direct your eyes, how to tilt your head, how to smile, or don’t smile. She will fix your clothes, and place your hair (if needed). She will even fix your makeup, if that is needed, too. ALL of the guesswork is taken out of the entire process. What I cannot convey by way of the typewritten word is the energy she brings to a shoot.

For those of you who know me, you know I don’t often (close to never) hand out stamps of approval. I’ve included a link to her page, so those of you that are curious, can read about her.


Nasrin testimony, from USA

Dear Holly,

I am amazed at the photos!!! you have done beyond my expectations!!!! Photos are unbelievably beautiful!!!! You are truly talented!

Thank you so much for doing this for us. I will post them on facebook soon and surely give you the credit.

thank you

Nasrin Barman

Helena testimony, from France

It was a real pleasure to be photographed by Pascal for our wedding. I do not particularly like to be photographed but Pascal knew how to put me at ease during the town hall marriage, the cocktail and the evening where he was very available and discreet at the same time. He was very friendly, everyone appreciated his professionalism and the results were perfect. He gave us wonderful memories of this magical event. I highly recommend him !

Julien testimony, from Portugal

Professional, passionate and super friendly. We gave Pascal all the freedom to express himself through his photos as he wished.
Pascal knows how to be discreet and knows how to capture unique moments, sometimes unexpected. His photos can be moving, striking, funny and offbeat. He knows how to capture the small details that make you plunge back into this day when you look at the albums. He even came to Portugal to spend a few days with us!
By meeting this photographer, we won a friend!

Viki testimony, from Greece

An extremely professional photographer who allowed us to keep the best memories of our event with a very human touch. Professionalism that fulfilled every wish. And moreover with a smile!

Arnaud testimony, from Italy

A photographer passionate about people and who knows how to bring out a very personal style in his work. Always listening to the people in front of him.

Deborah testimony, from USA

Hi Holly,
I took a moment to refresh myself w/your work. I feel the same as I did when we first met and you shared your talent w/me. Your work is FANTASTIC, the people seem to come alive, I can sense the atmosphere, like I can smell and feel it.