How we work with you?

Human relationship

As reporter and artist, Pascal and Holly, we produce a beautiful photographic reportage style that have a « Wow » effect.

To keep your unforgettable memories of this special day, we offer an approach based on human relationships. We invest a lot in each marriage to deliver a unique memory for you.

To form a relationship we meet before the wedding, at your home or by skype, to understand your expectations and get to know you better.


Our goal

Our goal for your unique day is to offer you a very high quality service, which will document your personal memories for years to come.

In a discreet, intimate and spontaneous way, we will be there to photograph your wedding, to capture each moment, and tell a story.
To photograph a poetic account of this exceptional day requires great confidence.

We bring a point of view, a touching look, and a sincere account of your event to accentuate this moment. Our approach is to produce a complete reportage, throughout the day, of all the « official » moments, the suspended moments and the offbeat moments.

Black and white and color, we will fulfill your dreams, listening attentively to your wishes.

1 – First discussion

Our first meeting (by skype) is to understand details of your wedding day, present our work, and send you a quote. These are the basics for continuing to work together.

2 – Interview

A discussion of one to two hours, at home or by skype, to have all the details of your marriage, but also to know you, listen to all your expectations, understand your vision of your marriage.

3 – D-DAY

On the wedding day, here is the program:

Photography on the wedding day

  • Preparations (hairdressing, makeup, dressing of the bride, groom and guests)
  • Ceremony (civil, religious, secular, etc.)
  • Cocktail
  • Photo session with Your List (Couple, family and guests)
  • Evening (Dinner, entertainment, dancing)
  • Suspended moments
  • Quirky moments


Added Options

Before the wedding day,

  • Photography of the dress fittings
  • Engagement session portraits.

After the day,

  • A unique photo session with the newlyweds.

4 –  The Result

2 weeks after the wedding:

  • Selection of photographs summarizing the whole day (around 200 photos)
  • Slideshow video with your favorite music
  • Large selection of high resolution photographs you can download (300+ photos)
  • Personnalized text of thanks from the bride and groom
  • A series of photos that can be shared on social networks
  • (if the bride and groom wish it)
  • A selection of photos ready to print and advice for printing on different media
  • A backup for several years, in case you lose the photos
  • On request: Not included in the originally price,
  • Digitally designed album and specific prints (large formats enlargements on photo paper, on aluminum or plexiglass, etc.)