Holly Kuper an American, and Frenchman Pascal Montage, met in 2013 in Dallas Texas. Holly, a Dallas based photographer, had opened her house on Airbnb, hosting guests from around the world.

Pascal came for a conference, and chose to stay at Holly’s Airbnb because she had the same love for photography. Once Pascal was back in France he shared his photos with Holly who was so impressed she kept encouraging him to go further.

Pascal and Holly stayed in constant contact through their photographs and in 2016 Holly moved to Paris making their friendship even stronger. Now it was time to think about working together.

With Pascal’s eye for the romance, his cultural advantage and his deep love for photography in conjunction with Holly’s experience, attention to detail and sense of humor they decided to combine their talents and open the door to families from the United States who would like to have their weddings in France.

Pascal knows all the beautiful castles, gardens and waterways which would accomodate a beautiful event. Holly’s understanding of American culture and desires, her english and organizational skills make a perfect “Duet » with Pascal for a couple wanting a French style wedding but still getting the photos and albums to satisfy their American dream.